Biology 2017-2018

First Quarter Biology Syllabus Biology Pretest Chapter 1: The Study of Life 1.1 Introduction to Biology Video | Video 1.2 The Nature of Science Video | Video 1.3 The Methods of Science Video | Video Chapter 1 PPT Chapter 6: Chemistry in Biology 6.1 Atoms, Elements, and Compounds Video |… Continue reading

Algebra I 2017-2018

First Quarter Algebra I Syllabus Algebra I Pretest Other Wonderful Algebra 1 Videos Chapter 1: Algebra: Arithmetic with Letters Lesson 1: Arithmetic and Algebra Video | PPT Lesson 2: Representing Numbers Using Letters Video | PPT Lesson 3: Integers on the Number Line Video | PPT Lesson 4: Adding Integers Video… Continue reading

Geometry 2017-2018

Course Materials: Geometry Home Category Geometry Syllabus Geometry Pretest A PPT Notes: 1 Points_Line_Plane 2 Ruler_Postulate 3 Chapter 1 L4-7 Angles AGS Chapter 2 Geometry Chapter 2 Planning 4 Geometry Chapter 2.1 Sept 8 PPT Chapter 1: Exploring Geometry: Points, Lines, and Angles in the Plane Lesson 1: Points and… Continue reading

Algebra II 2017-2018

Algebra II Syllabus Algebra II Pretest Chapter 1 Linear Equations and inequalities Lesson 1 Writing Equation Video | Video | PPT Lesson 2 Axioms of Equality (Rules of Equations) Video | Video | PPT Lesson 3 Solutions by Addition or Subtraction Video | Video | PPT Lesson 4 Solutions by… Continue reading

Other Algebra I Videos

Adding and Subtracting Integers Multiplying and dividing negative numbers Adding/subtracting negative numbers Why a negative times a negative is a positive  Khan Algebra I Play List Origins of algebra Abstract-ness The beauty of algebra Introduction to the coordinate plane Why all the letters in algebra? What is a variable? Why… Continue reading

Geometry Course Syllabus

Course Description: Geometry continues the student’s study of geometric concepts, building upon middle school topics. Students will move from an inductive approach to deductive methods of proof in their study of two- and three-dimensional geometric figures. Reasoning skills will be emphasized and students will broaden their use of the coordinate… Continue reading