Thursday, October 29, 2020

Medical Missions

In 1982, I established Tu Luong Medical Mission Foundation (TLF) to provide medical supplies and services to the poor and needy Vietnamese, both in Vietnam and refugee in various parts of the world. TLF organizes teams of doctor, nurses, social workers, other healthcare professionals, and students to travel to Vietnam and refugee camps to provide free medical services.

TLF was named in honor of my mother and father Tu and Luong, respectively. Tu Luong means from the heart in Vietnamese and “to help or to relief” in Tagalog. When the last Vietnamese camp closed, the foundation (501c3) was reincorporated as Tu Luong Foundation in Washington to support education, medical missions, and other nonprofit organizations.

Mini Medical School
In 2019, Tu Luong Foundation established Seattle Mini Medical School (SMMS) to provide a full grades 6-12 curriculum that focuses on STEM, Medicine, and Medical Mission. Medical missions provide students with clinical experiences that instill compassion and that help students understand the true meaning of medicine and service. 

Medical Missions Provide Student with
•Chance to participate in providing health care to poor patients.
•Shadowing the professionals and learn valuable experiences.
•Learning teamwork and leadership skills.
•Hard work and leadership will be reflected in letter of recommendations.
•Develop long lasting friendships and gain valuable cultural experience.

Email is the preferred method for initial contact. I am a teacher. I do not answer phone during school hours. Thank you for your understanding.