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Curriculum Vitae

Tan M. Lam

Seattle Mini Medical School
116 SW 152nd St Box 974
Seahurst, WA 98062


1994 Master's Degree in Biochemistry, Dartmouth Medical School (Dartmouth College), Hanover, NH. 
Thesis: “Characterization of Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Responses to the Endogenous Ecotropic Murine Leukemia Viruses."

2008 Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Science Education, Western Governors University, 4001 S 700 E #300, Salt Lake City, UT 84107. 

1989 Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Chemistry, Oral Roberts University, 7777 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171. 
Senior Thesis "The Chemistry of Cancer"

Specialist Courses


August 2017-Present, Math and Science Teacher, Eastside Academy, 1800 100th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.
  • Conducted classroom activities with differentiated and individual learning
  • Participated on weekly staff meeting and training sessions and parent conferences
  • Assigned lessons, corrected homework and assessment, provided feedbacks
  • Employed common assessment and data analysis to improve teaching
  • Used positive reinforcement method to redirect poor behavior
  • After school and lunch tutoring and evening availability
  • Encouraged group working and use process oriented guided inquiry learning

August 2013-2014, Senior Science Teacher, YES Prep Public School, 6565 De Moss Dr, Houston, TX 77074.

January 2008-2017, Math and Science Substitute Teacher and Evening Instructor, Seattle Public Schools, 2445 3rd Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134

Certification and Degrees

1993-1995, Research Associate, BetaGene, Dallas, Texas.  The focus of my research was on the development of implantable insulin producing cells for diabetics.
1990-1994, Graduate Student, Biochemistry, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH.
  • Research project: the process of intracellular cholesterol trafficking and cholesterol acyltransferase enzyme. Supervisor: Dr. T. Y. Chang. 
  • Research project: how mutations in the genes encoding core binding factor Runx1-CBFβ generate pre-leukemic stem cells. Supervisor: Dr. Nancy A. Speck.
  • Research Project: how cell-mediated immunity to mouse retroviruses that cause either leukemia or immunodeficiency. Supervisor: Dr. William R. Green
1989-1990, Research Assistant, Medical Genetics, Children Medical Center, Tulsa, OK.  Using molecular genetic approaches to diagnose X-linked genetic diseases, determine genetic risk in fragile X family.  Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Carpenter. 
1985-1989, Research Assistant, Biochemistry, ORU Medical School, Tulsa, OK.  Derived cell line model to study mitochondrial DNA structure in various stages of cancer development.  Supervisor:  Dr. Durwood B. Ray and Dr. David H. Jones.

Medical Publications

1. Durwood Barber Ray, Ph.D., Gerald A Merrill, Ph.D., Frederic J Brenner, Ph.D., Laurie S Lytle, Tan Lam, et al “T24 HRAS Transformed NIH/3T3 Mouse Cells (GhrasT-NIH/3T3) in Serial Tumorigenic Passages Give Rise to Increasingly Aggressive Tumorigenic Cell Lines T1-A and T2-A and Metastatic Cell Lines T3-HA and T4-PA.” Experimental Cell Research 340, 1-11, Jan 1, 2016.
2. Tan M. Lam, Michael A. Coppola, Rendall R. Strawbridge and William R. Green. “Recognition of Endogenous Ecotropic Murine Leukemia Viruses by Anti-AKR/Gross Virus CTL.” J. of General Virology 76, 635-641, 1995.
3. Hillary D. White, Douglas A. Roeder, Tan M. Lam, and William R. Green. “Major and Minor Kb-Restricted Epitopes Encoded by the Endogenous Ecotropic Murine Leukemia Virus AKR623 That Are Recognized by Anti-AKR/Gross Virus CTL.” Viral Immunology 7, 51-59, 1994. 
4. David A. Schwartz, Janet E. Buhmann, M. R. Kuhne, Tan M. Lam, H. D. White, and William R. Green. “Novel Regulation of an MHC Class I Gene Response to gamma Interferon. Cellular Immunology 150, 90-100, 1993.
5. Carpenter, Nancy J., Swart-Boyd, Jennifer, Prichard, Jane K., Lam, Tan M. “Linkage and risk assessment in fragile X families using new DNA probes at Xq27.” American Journal of Medical Genetics 43, 312-319, 1992.

6. Ray, D. B., Lam, T. M. and Jones, D. H. “Lactate Formation and Mitochondrial DNA Structure in Mouse Cells Progressing to Malignancy.” Federation Proceedings, 48 (1990) 763A.
7. Tan M. Lam and William R. Green. “Study of Cytolytic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) Response To Endogenous Ecotropic Murine Leukemia Viruses (Emvs).” New England Immunology Conference 18(1992) 8A.
8. H. D. White, M. A. Coppola, T. Lam, and W. R. Green. “Specificity of CTLs to AKR/Gross Murine Leukemia Virus: A Dominant Epitope Encoded by the Transmembrane p15(E) Viral Gene.” Workshop on Pathogenesis by Non-Acute Retroviruses, Newport Beach, California, 1993.

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