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Introduction to Grant Writing
Anatoma of Grant Proposal.pdf
Letter of Inquiry.pdf
Letter of Introduction.pdf
Proposal Writing.pdf
Sample Budget.pdf

Sample Grant Proposal
AA Degree (31).pdf
Abuse Prevention (1).pdf
Alternative Education (94).pdf
Animated Biology (6).pdf
Background tech (33).pdf
Bl Connection Project (35).pdf
CE Teaching Excellence (36).pdf
Conflict Resolution (5).pdf
Police Grants.pdf
Construction Project (40).pdf
EE Library System (9).pdf
Ma Clinic (57).pdf


More Resources for Grantseekers

Developing Fundraising Plan Foundation.pdf
Faith and Community Based Organizations.pdf
Financing After School Program.pdf
Foundations and Grants.pdf
Types of Foundation.pdf
When Grantmakers Come Calling.pdf



As a teacher, I hope my phone does not ring during class. For more information, please email, leave message, or fax.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Tan M. Lam


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