Biology HW 9/30/2013 due Tuesday

Name: ___________________________________ Homework:  Circle the correct answer.  Sorry the copy is broken. Just email me the answer: for example 1. A, 2. B, 3. D, etc. 10 . Which one of the following has the most free energy per molecule? a)      a sugar molecule b)      an amino acid molecule… Continue reading

Chapter 8: Introduction to Metabolism Sept 30-Oct 4

Download PPT Download PDF Chapter 8: Introduction to Metabolism Overview: The Energy of Life The living cell –              Is a miniature factory where thousands of reactions occur –              Converts energy in many ways   Some organisms –              Convert energy to light, as in bioluminescence   Concept 8.1: An organism’s metabolism… Continue reading

Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration Oct 7-11, 2013

Download PPT Download PDF Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration Overview: Life Is Work Living cells –              Require transfusions of energy from outside sources to perform their many tasks   The giant panda –              Obtains energy for its cells by eating plants   Energy –              Flows into an ecosystem as sunlight and… Continue reading

Chapter 10: Photosynthesis Oct 14-18

Download PPT Download PDF Chapter 10: Photosynthesis Overview: The Process That Feeds the Biosphere Photosynthesis –              Is the process that converts solar energy into chemical energy   Plants and other autotrophs –              Are the producers of the biosphere   Plants are photoautotrophs –              They use the energy of sunlight to… Continue reading

Chapter 11: Cell Communication

Download PPT Download PDF Chapter 11: Cell Communication Overview: The Cellular Internet Cell-to-cell communication –              Is absolutely essential for multicellular organisms   Biologists –              Have discovered some universal mechanisms of cellular regulation   Concept 11.1: External signals are converted into responses within the cell Evolution of Cell Signaling Yeast cells… Continue reading

Chapter 12: Cell Cycle

Download PPT Download PDF Chapter 12: Cell Cycle Overview: The Key Roles of Cell Division The continuity of life –              Is based upon the reproduction of cells, or cell division   Unicellular organisms –              Reproduce by cell division   Multicellular organisms depend on cell division for –              Development from a… Continue reading