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Biography | Teaching Philosophy | Publications | Run for Office | Memoir   Contact As a teacher, I hope my phone does not ring during class. For more information, please email. Thank you for your understanding and consideration. Tan M. Lam Email:  


Biography | Certifications | Teaching Philosophy | Run for Office |  Memoir Scientific Publications: 1. Durwood Barber Ray, Ph.D., Gerald A Merrill, Ph.D., Frederic J Brenner, Ph.D., Laurie S Lytle, Tan Lam, et al “T24 HRAS Transformed NIH/3T3 Mouse Cells (GhrasT-NIH/3T3) in Serial Tumorigenic Passages Give Rise to Increasingly Aggressive … Continue reading

Teaching Philosophy

Biography | Certifications | Publications | Run for Office |  Memoir As a teacher, I must understand that students learn differently and have various skill levels. These require me to use a variety of teaching strategies and a rich collection of information resources. As a teacher, I must be able … Continue reading