Science – Grades 5-12

Candidates earning the Science (5-12) endorsement must hold a designated science endorsement (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth and Space Science) or must also earn a designated science endorsement during their candidacy. Certificated teachers who wish to add the Science (5-12) endorsement must hold a designated science endorsement. The candidate knows… Continue reading

Throwback Tuesday

Once upon a time in Washington State… Contact As a teacher, I hope my phone does not ring during class. For more information, please email, leave message, or fax.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration. Tan M. Lam Email:   Continue reading

Grants and Funding

More Grants & Funding Category Introduction to Grant Writing Anatoma of Grant Proposal.pdf Letter of Inquiry.pdf Letter of Introduction.pdf Proposal Writing.pdf Sample Budget.pdf Sample Grant Proposal AA Degree (31).pdf Abuse Prevention (1).pdf Alternative Education (94).pdf Animated Biology (6).pdf Background tech (33).pdf Bl Connection Project (35).pdf CE Teaching Excellence (36).pdf Conflict… Continue reading