Geometry Course Syllabus

Course Description: Geometry continues the student’s study of geometric concepts, building upon middle school topics. Students will move from an inductive approach to deductive methods of proof in their study of two- and three-dimensional geometric figures. Reasoning skills will be emphasized and students will broaden their use of the coordinate… Continue reading


Biography | Certifications | Teaching Philosophy | Publications | Run for Office A Child of War Although the Vietnam War ended four decades ago, wounds are yet to be healed. My most fearful memory about the Vietnam War was on April 30, 1975, the day when South Vietnam fell to… Continue reading


Biography | Certifications | Teaching Philosophy |  Publications | Run for Office | Memoir I failed elementary school in Vietnam for two years. The last days of the Vietnam War were also my last days of school. After the war, schools were used mostly for propaganda, so my dad decided… Continue reading


Autobiography is not the story of a life; it is the recreation or the discovery of one. In writing of one’s experience, you will discover yourself, and in the writing create the pattern you seem to have lived. Often, of course, autobiography is merely a collection of well-rehearsed anecdotes; but,… Continue reading