I failed elementary school in Vietnam for two years. The last days of the Vietnam War were also my last days of school. After the war, schools were used mostly for propaganda, so my dad decided to pull me out of 4th grade. In 1980, I escaped Vietnam using a… Continue reading

About Tan Lam

Tan, his wife Thuy, and two children have been living in Des Moines, Washington for eight years. Tan was one of the “boat people” escaped out of Vietnam on a small fishing boat. Growing up during the Vietnam War and in five refugee camps taught him the values of prudence,… Continue reading


Collectively, Tan had about ten years of medical research experience. His research involved the study of: -Mitochondrial DNA in tumorigenesis -Fragile X syndrome genetic locus -Viral enhancer in leukemia specificity -MHC class I gene expression -Epitope variation in CTL-resistant virus -Insulin-secreting cell lines Download a full publication Continue reading