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Project Population: Examining the Current Human Population Issues

Today’s Objective

Research a current issue related to human population dynamics.


Criteria for Success

  • You have completed the information in the table below and have a minimum of three sources for your research.
  • If asked by another human being, you could talk about your population issues (without using any notes) for at least one minute. You want to begin feeling comfortable talking about the issue so that you can give an effective presentation.
  • You can receive and implement constructive feedback into your presentation.


Directions for Tuesday

  1. With your table, select one of the following topics to research.
  • China’s One Child Policy
  • India’s National Policy for Population Control
  • Supporting the Aging Baby Boom Population in the United States
  • Declining Population in Europe
  • Addressing Nigeria’s Rapidly Growing Population
  • AIDS Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Water Shortages due to Increasing Population in _________________.

Once you have selected your topic, sign up using the sign-up sheet posted on the door. Remember that no two groups in the same class may present on the same topic, so it is first come, first serve.

  1. Working in pairs, get a computer and begin researching your topic. As you research your topic, complete the note taking template below.
  2. Compile your research into one document. Email the document to Mr. Lam  You will need to sign up for a practice presentation so that you can receive and implement feedback.
  3. 4.      If you have collected all of the information before the class period is over, work with your other group members to begin to design a 5 minute presentation that you will give to your classmates on November 18-19, 2013.
Use the space below to record the bibliography for any sources. Keep in mind that you may use your textbook as a source as well.

Background Information

  • List the current population of the nation involved or the current percentage of the population affected by the issues (AIDS).
  • If your issue involves a specific nation or a group of nations, provide an age structure diagram for the nation or one of the nations.



  • Summarize the problem in 1-2 sentences.
  • After your summary, include details about what causes the problem. Be sure to include cultural and economic causes as well as describe how the age structure or population distribution contributes or contributed to the problem.


Proposed Solutions

  • List and describe (proposed) solutions to the problem.
  • If you listed proposed solutions, explain the pros and cons of each solution.
  • If you described a solution that was already in place (like in China or India), explain the outcomes and consequences of the solution.



  • Give the projected population for 2050.
  • Describe any changes that demographers predict in terms of the environmental or economic impact.


  • Create a detailed timeline for their population growth and other key events that contributed to the issue.


Grab your audience’s attention to your topic
Introduction to New Material (INM)
New information that your audience needs to know

Guided Practice What will your classmates do to practice understanding the issue?

Exit Ticket How will you make sure your classmates understand your topic?

Delivery Timing: 5 minutes


Eye contact




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